Man Vs Nature (Earthquakes and how we can protect ourselves)

01/Aug/2011 NHK footage

The real footage of destruction during Sendai earthquake also resulting in damage of the nuclear reactors. Also showcases the marvels of Japanese research, design and technology in the arena of eathquake safety.

Lessons to be learnt from devastating and damaging Earthquakes

15/Jan/2010 Pan American Development Foundation

A devastating earthquake struck Haiti on 12 January 2010, killed more than 200,000 people and left nearly 1.3 million people homeless.

Discovery Planet - Fluid Viscous Dampers

01/Aug/2019 Discovery Planet

A piece on the Criterion Theater in Santa Monica, California. Discovery Planet interviews Miyamoto Principal and structural engineer Deepansh Kathuria about the effectiveness of fluid viscous dampers and how they can protect buildings during an earthquake.

Earthquake Engineering LAX Observation Deck


Earthquake Engineering LAX Observation Deck: This unique project uses a 1.2 million pound Tune Mass Damper design for Earthquake protection. This design not only addressed the earthquake protection requirements, provides the most cost effective solution, it also allowed design freedom with no alterations to its iconic appearance.

VTB - Drone 30

23/Jan/2019 Doug Taylor

Taylor Dampers in Vincent Thomas Bridge, San Pedro, CA, USA

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