Earthquake Safety in India

07/Aug/2017 NewsX

This documentary provides a detailed insight into what actions are required to make India earthquake safe.

Buildings in India Require Dampers to become Earthquake Safe

18/May/2015 NDTV Prime

NDTV covers how dampers have become a absolute must for making buildings in India earthquake safe. The technique can easily and cost effectively be used for both existing and new buildings.

How Safe are the Indian Seismic Codes?

19/May/2015 NDTV Prime

NDTV report brings out the immediate and important lessons that India needs to learn from the tragedy that has struck our neighbor Nepal and questions why the Indian Seismic Codes have not been updated for decades.

Act Now, Save Later: new UN social media campaign launched

06/May/2012 UNDP

New York— A new social media campaign launched by two United Nations bodies calls on member states to boost funding for disaster preparedness in order to significantly reduce the often devastating economic impact that floods, earthquakes, and other natural disasters have particularly on developing nations. The Act Now, Save Later campaign-- a joint initiative of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) -- sheds light the exorbitant cost of recovery assistance following natural disasters, and urges wealthy nations to spend now in order to save later. The campaign aims to raise awareness of the stark economic and human costs of natural disasters. Not only have natural disasters killed more than a million people and affected over a quarter of the global population since 2000; they have also cost the world upwards of US$1 trillion. "Investing in preparedness saves thousands of lives and billions of dollars later," said Helen Clark, UNDP Administrator.

Keeping School Children Safe from Earthquakes!

24/May/2019 Quake-Safe Technologies

A must-watch for children, parents and teachers. These drills and procedures can save the lives of thousands of children during an earthquake.

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