Lead core rubber bearings are so named due to the insertion of one or more lead cylinders into the rubber bearing. The lead cylinder provides very effective damping during extreme movements. The Agom E-SAFE lead core rubber bearings consist of multiple elastomer layers separated by reinforcing steel plates moulded to the rubber, and can be manufactured in a rectangular or circular shape according to customer requirements. The lead insert in the core of the bearing dissipates the energy of the earthquake while the rubber, reinforced with steel plates, provides stability, supports the structure and isolates vibrations.
This type of seismic isolator is able to support live vertical loads and low displacement horizontal loads (e.g. wind effects), while protecting and isolating the structure by absorbing the impact of earthquake tremors and by reducing oscillations.
After an earthquake the restorative properties of the rubber layers return the building to its original position.
During the design and engineering phase the type of rubber compound with the appropriate G modulus value is selected according to the installation’s technical requirements and project specifications.
The damping factor of lead core rubber bearings can be higher then 30%.


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