TIS Pot Bearing (TPB), produced by TIS Technological Isolator Systems Inc., is a structural bearing which is used for connecting different structural elements (substructure and superstructure) and controlling force and displacement demands developed between the structural elements. The working mechanism of TPB is to transfer the forces developed on the superstructure to the substructure with desired rate, and to allow the rotations on the substructure and the other movements developed by the actions listed below.


- Loads

- Shrinkage and expansion in concrete

- Seismic effects

- Temperature changes


TPB devices are designed according to the requirements applicable to relevant parts of EN 1337, mainly EN 1337-2 and EN 1337-5.


Bearing Types


TPB devices are produced in three different types according to the force and displacement interactions that need to be accommodated. TPB’s that TIS Inc. produce are listed below.


- Fixed pot bearing: TPB-FX

- Free sliding pot bearing: TPB-FS

- Guided sliding pot bearing: TPB-GS



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1 TIS Catalogue 1.46 MB
2 TIS Pot Bearing Brochure 442 KB


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1 TIS Brand Registry 311 KB
2 TIS CE Certificate 2017 165 KB
3 TIS CE Certificate 2018 440 KB
4 TIS Certificate of European Technical Assessment 306 KB
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